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These are some of da clips dat will help u wif ur crip walk. Da top left one is da easiest then a lil harder is da bottom left then it is da top right and da hardest one is da bottom right. Hope these shyznyt$ help yall.

C-Walk is all about wriiting letters with yo foots. The letters you're supposed to write is C, R, I and P.

Do these shyts properly and dance in front of yo opponent...

---Your feet got to be apart, parallel to yo shoulders.
---You slide your toes to the right but leave your heels the same place). Your left toe should be close to your right heel.
---From that position you slide your toes to the left (still leaving your heels in same position).
---You should take a little jump forward and land with your feet pointing to the right, like your first move on "the C"
---In that position, you keep yo toes unmoved and go back and forth with your right heel. A little tricky, but if you do it a couple times, you will get it.
---Just to make it look good, you can make evrything you just made, but now reversed.
---Finaly. With your feet together, take a very small step to the left. And then a smaller step to the right. Make sure that your left step is always bigger than your right so that your moving to the left side all the time. You don't haf to do this and if you want to you can just reverse that shyt...


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